September 10, 2023

Industrial Tags & Labels for demanding environments

Labels and tags are a vital part of many industrial processes.

Whether you're labelling oven trays for food processing, metals and rebar for the steel industry or plants for horticulture, tags and labels provide tractability that cannot be overlooked.

What's the difference - labels are labels?

The difference between a simple point of sale label, the kind you might find in shops or supermarkets is the environment or type of product that our labels and tags are expected to survive on or in.  Durability is key - industrial labels and tags inherently have to survive very demanding environments and just as demanding products.  Consider you're producing hot-rolled billets or steel bars, and need these products labelled with vital information to trace it through the production process from the heating process, casting process, through to being stored outdoors in extreme weather.  Our labels and tags can endure these extremes.

Labels made of tough stuff.

Our labels are expected to survive extreme conditions, for instance 6 months outside on a plant or tree, or attached to a tray of food heated in an oven.  The ndustrial tags and labels made by Bluepoint can withstand extreme temperatures, they can be outdoors for months on end without going brittle or the ink fading.  Bluepoint have curated a select set of material for our tags and labels to go into almost any environment.  When we say our labels are for tough environments, we mean it.

Quality - Service - Experience

Bluepoint's reputations stands for itself.  Built by a friendly knowledgeable team with over 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing tags and labels it is just that our experience in the tagging industry and our ability to innovate that stands us out from other industry tag and label manufacturers.

Do it all

Fixing holes, punched holes, banding slots, clips, strings, sensor slots, complex custom shaped labels, pre-printed, coloured, plain, self-adhesive, self-ties (loop locks), luggage tags, tickets - whatever the labelling requirement Bluepoint can deliver.