May 8, 2024

New Release - Horticultural Label Printing Software

At Bluepoint Tags, we believe that it's our job to care about your plant labels, so that you really don't have to.

Which is why, in addition to our premium labels and legendary customer service, we also supply TSC and Godex thermal printers, and OKI printers - through a longstanding partnership with the OKI Shop. Now, to provide our customers with an even more comprehensive service, we can also offer label printing software packages, designed specifically for horticulture.  

In partnership with Image Computer Systems - our preferred label software provider – we've helped develop a brand-new horticultural labelling pack. Available as a free add-on for both the EnLabel and LabelDirect software programmes, the pack enables you to design and print fantastic looking plant labels with ease. The new pack includes template designs ready-made for our range of horticulture label and tags.

Existing EnLabel or LabelDirect users can download the pack immediately here.

If you're new to EnLabel or LabelDirect and would like to try it out, fully functioning, 30-day free trials are available. These include access to the Horticulture Labelling Pack. You can start your free trial here.


Why Partnerships

We understand that when it comes to label printing, simplicity is key. For many, the ability to get your labels, printers, ribbons / toners and software from a single provider just makes life easier.  

However, whilst we are definitely experts in making premium labels and tags that you can rely on, we don't pretend to be whizz-kid print engineers, or guru software developers. So, to provide the best and most complete service possible, we have built core partnerships with a select number of industry leading providers.  

This provides our customers with the benefit of a complete service offering, but crucially, does so without locking you into any particular service aspect. One-stop-shop simplicity for those that want it; total flexibility for those that don’t!  

If you’d like to know more about our service or partnerships, please emails me at or call us on 01392 927 030.

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