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The Bluepoint story.
It all started with big dreams by three kids in a small tin shed.
Directors Iain Pringle and Robert Burton, along with the backing of Andrew Dean, opened Bluepoint Tags & Labels for trading in October 2017.

This was the Exeter based 'tin shed' where it all started.
Built on an ethos of
quality, service and experience.
With a drive and vision to grow a company that was both successful and fair to customers, Iain and Robert built the business upon their wealth of experience in manufacturing industrial tags and labels.

The first few months were challenging, but with the support of family and friends it was clear, even back then, that customers appreciated the Bluepoint approach.

Therefore, in order to push things on further another familiar face to the industrial tag and label world joined the company.

James Ampstead joined the 'tin shed' in early 2018 as Business Development Manager.
Early 2018
James Ampstead joined Bluepoint in early 2018 to bolster the sales effort. Again, James brought to Bluepoint his many years of sales experience in the label industry.

The fortified focus on sales brought the need to expand the office and production team.
Late 2018
The last two quarters of 2018 saw rapid growth. Bluepoint went on to hire 2 new members of the production team and another office based team member.

By the end of 2018, and beginning of 2019 it was safe to say the tin shed was fit to burst.
Meet the entire Bluepoint Team
You're gonna need a bigger boat (tin shed).
Growth continued throughout 2019 ultimately leading to the inevitable move to larger premises.

With a new factory secured in Totnes, the team (6 at this point) took on the mammoth challenge of moving the entire factory 32 miles south.

Bluepoint pulled off the unthinkable, shifting printing presses, finishing equipment, tons of materials, inks, desks, chairs, cabinets, computers, and last but certainly least, Iain. All over one long weekend in June 2019.

The team were setup and ready to begin manufacturing again the following Monday.
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Thanks again for the way you have all dealt with us through this difficult period, it's refreshing to have been able to deal with real human beings!
2020 Onward
Following the move in 2019 Bluepoint continued to grow to become an established and trusted name for industrial tags and labels.

Needless to say 2020 was a challenging year for individuals and businesses alike.

Bluepoint continued manufacturing throughout, and continues to be open for business operating under government guidelines in order to keep our staff safe and the business in a position to serve our customers.

Coming soon we will be publishing a News page on which you can follow along for more updates on the Bluepoint story.
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