September 10, 2023

Choosing a plant passport label.

Choosing a plant passport label.

In the UK growers who transport plants or plant products in the EU may need a plant passport. What does this mean? In essence it simply means labelling your plant or plant product with the relevant information required in an legible format.

To help make the task of labelling your plants easier Bluepoint have a number of products designed just for this purpose.

  1. Self-ties (also known as loop locks, or lock ties)
  2. Self-adhesives labels
  3. Stick-in labels (also known as dibbers)
  4. Plain (you do the printing of the plant passport information)
  5. Pre-printed (we print the plant passport information for you)

Plant passport on self-tie label

Plant passport info on loop locks.

Self-ties come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You might know them as self-ties, wrap ties or handle ties. However you know them or whichever name you call these versatile label by they are a trusted labelling solution within the horticulture industry. Easy to apply, self-tie labels simply wrap around the plant or object that needs labelling without the need for any other fixings, such as adhesives, staples. These multi-purpose labels are made of a durable recyclable material that can easily be printed onto with plant details and of course printed with a plant passport to help keep growers complaint.

Self-adhesive labels for plant passport

For those situations where you need to label a pot or packaging, self-adhesives are the ideal solution for plant passport information. Bluepoint have an extensive range of adhesives sizes and shapes - we're sure we will have a size to suit your needs. Again, like our self-ties, we can supply your labels plain or pre-print the entire thing. Some of our customer choose to have the required fields pre-printed by us, leaving space for hand writing of the plant variety and other information.

Stick-ins a durable choice for plant passport information

The familiar stick-ins is also a suitable solution for plant passport traceability. Our stick-ins some in a number of sizes and shapes, allowing for a good range of information to be printed to ensure compliance. Click here to see our range of stick-ins. We supply stick-ins on sheets as well as on rolls.