March 27, 2024

Avoid Printer Jams When Laser Printing Labels

Avoid Printer Jams When Laser Printing Labels

Are you printing labels with a laser printer? If so, do you ever find yourself wasting time dealing with annoying printer jams? It doesn’t need to be this way!  

If you want to enjoy the same level of hassle-free label printing as experienced by our sheeted label customers, please read on.  

There are numerous causes of printer jams and feed issues when laser printing labels, however one common (and easily avoidable) reason is the build-up of static friction between label sheets.  

The amount of static build-up experienced when printing sheeted self-tie labels, tags, stick-in labels and bed cards, is determined by the quality of the label sheets being used; specifically, the quality of the surface coating applied to the labels. Without the right coating, label sheets can stick together, creating the printer feed issues responsible for those annoying jams.  

Printable Sheet of Self-tie Labels
Five per sheet, printable self-tie labels

Our sheeted labels are treated with a premium coating that significantly reduces static build up when printing. This coating also provides a superior, highly durable print finish.

Print challenges can also be caused by snagging label sheets. Small imperfections around holes / perforations cut into sheets can be significant enough to cause labels to stick together. At Bluepoint, we only use high quality tooling and follow rigorous quality control processes to ensure the integrity of every label we manufacture.  

As a small, dedicated team, our obsession is in creating great labels that you never have to give a second thought to!  

If you’d like to test our sheeted labels against your current labels, please give James a call or email on, for a free, no obligation trial pack of labels.  

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