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Vibrant Wristbands from a Dupont Tyvek® trusted supplier

Vibrant event and identification wholesale wristbands

Wristbands are the preferred event and activity identification solution used throughout the world by organisers for entry control and crowd management.

We are an independent manufacturer which specialises in providing wholesale wristbands with fast and reliable lead times. With a choice of Litter-free wristbands which are tab-free, creating no mess upon use.

Our personalised approach to the business we do is what has made us a 5-star rated company, with friendly and knowledgeable service.

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Shipping worldwide

Whatever your label, tag or bulk wristband needs, if you are looking to buy from a reliable UK manufacturer please talk to our friendly team for great prices.


Decades of combined industrial label and tag  experience means Bluepoint can offer best-in-class advice and support.

Made in the UK

All of our products are designed and manufactured right here in the UK.
Our HQ is based in Totnes Devon.

Tyvek® wristbands by Bluepoint

Tyvek® wristbands by Bluepoint-trade supply

Today more than ever entry control and traceability is critical. Tyvek® wristbands by Bluepoint are widely used as a solution for crowd and entry control management for events and large gathering due to their durability, strength, serial numbering and temper evident seal.

Purchase with confidence with the knowledge that Bluepoint are a Dupont trusted supplier, manufacturing Tyvek® wristbands wholesale in the UK. Available across 19 vibrant colours supplied as either plain colours (for use as plain, and trade customer printing) or for longer runs as pre-printed up to two colours.

Self-sealing and tamper evident, Bluepoint's Tyvek® wholesale wristbands are tough, durable and available across 2 standard sizes on sheets for ease of delivery and printing.

All standard bands are made using a recyled glassine liner further reducing our carbon footprint.

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Tyvek wristbands

Colours and Sizes

Only Manufactured here in the UK

A range of different sizes

The 19mm /3/4" wristband,  an economical solution

A very popular size of wristband that can be produced with 2 x sequential numbers, with or without a tear off tab or stub.

Comfortable to wear, especially for those with smaller wrists, Bluepoint's 19mm Tyvek® wristbands are very quick and simple to apply.

The 25mm / 1" wristband provides a larger print area for your customers information or advertising

Bluepoint's 25mm (1") wristbands are an excellent choice for those looking to overprint. Providing a great surface area the larger band gives a little more flexibility for printing logos and other event information.

Self-sealing and tamper evident, Bluepoint's Tyvek® wristbands are tough, durable and available across 2 standard sizes on sheets for ease of delivery and printing.

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Tyvek Wristbands

Bespoke Wristbands

Computer imprintable security passes on rolls.

We are proud to offer a bespoke wristbands manufacturing service, which has proved popular amongst our clients. We use innovative computer imprinting technology to create our wristbands, providing a simple, cost-effective method for individualising and identifying your guests.

The Bluepoint bespoke wristbands service, done through in-house printing, offers a unique, tailored solution to suit the needs of any business.

Available as a complete print solution or as standalone products ask our sales team about this exciting new offering from Bluepoint.

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We understand you may need a Responsible, Sustainable Future Wristband. Our New Ecological Sustainable alternative to synthetic Wristbands – will satisfy your end users ECO concerns.

At last Wristbands are paper and Kerbside recyclable, durable and hard-wearing using a special material composite with a Multilayer structure. By combining the best properties of paper and film: It can be processed like paper, printed and written on perfectly. In addition, it is robust and tear resistant. An ecologically sustainable alternative to synthetic papers with superb printability.

Uses only chlorine-free bleached papers
Recycled release liner
PVC- and BPA-free
Provides durability, ultimately saving resources
FSC® certified
Standard paper recycling recoverable fibres
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Environmentally friendly wristbands

Frequently asked questions

You've got questions and we have answers!
Are there any minimum order requirements on wristbands?

Yes, however this depends on your particular requirements so please let’s talk.

Is Tyvek recyclable?

Yes, Tyvek is recyclable. However, the recycling process may vary depending on the region and recycling facilities available there. It is recommended to check with local recycling centres for specific guidelines on recycling Tyvek.

What materials do you use?

The choice of material depends on a variety of factors - application environment, regulatory requirements, chemical contact , food use , exposure to elements, and the desired longevity of the label.

Are labels tear resistant?

Whenever tearproof labels or wristbands are needed we can supply them with a range of suitable materials.

How quickly will you respond to requests?

Effective communication is vital, our dedicated customer service team are ready to address urgent matters promptly, usually within an hour during our working hours 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday.

Can you produce artwork for bespoke labels?

Yes we can, as well as completely bespoke label shapes and sizes, with delivery typically between 7-14 days from artwork approval.'?

How long have you been in business?

Bluepoint has grown amazingly through loyal clients since it was established in 2017, our management and production team have decades of experience and specialist knowledge in label, tag and wristband manufacture.

What is your average lead time?

Many items are available from stock for next day delivery, bespoke orders are 7-14 days from approval of your artwork.